History of Chotin

The Chotin Group Corporation specializes in opportunistically investing in structured financial products and real estate opportunities.


The Chotin Group Corporation is a Denver-based private company founded in 1984 by Steven B. Chotin. Throughout its history, the firm and its affiliates have engaged in a variety of business activities, including issuing mortgage-backed securities, acquiring residual interests and subordinated securities for its own account, creating a nationwide mortgage lending and servicing platform, managing proprietary and third-party assets, and acquiring direct and structured interests in real estate.


Since its inception, The Chotin Group Corporation has developed strong relationships in the investment banking and loan servicing communities and has implemented a broad range of strategies for acquiring and managing structured financial products. The firm’s executive team and investment professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the origination, acquisition, servicing and management of credit instruments and bring this background to bear when identifying new investment opportunities.


Mr. Chotin was an integral part of the development of the secondary mortgage market in the early 1980s. As a strong advocate to Congress for a law allowing private-label mortgage securitization, he was pivotal in helping enact new legislation in 1984 that is known as the Secondary Mortgage Market Enhancement Act (“SMMEA”).

Chotin Steven B. Chotin is an industry leader and innovator who has played key roles in structured finance, real estate and lending.

Over the years, he created a group of affiliates to invest in a variety of asset classes. He acquired National Mortgage Corporation in the early 1990s, taking it from a prime residential mortgage servicer to a leading, nationwide nonprime lending and servicing company. Under his direction, The Chotin Group and its affiliates have gained extensive background in mortgage finance, structured credit and distressed investing.


Early in his career, Mr. Chotin served as senior vice president of M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MDC), where he played a primary role in the formation of American Southwest Financial Corporation, the first conduit to provide mortgage financing to 88 homebuilders nationwide. He also created HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation, a full-service mortgage banking operation for MDC.