The Chotin Group Corporation has been at the forefront of structuring new and unique investment products since its inception in 1984.

The firm has experience managing through dynamic and diverse market environments. This provides a unique historical perspective and analytical framework when evaluating and managing new investment opportunities. The firm specializes in the management of mortgage-related assets, utilizing securitization and other asset / liability solutions.

The firm has extensive experience in analyzing, acquiring and managing portfolios of structured products on a proprietary basis. In addition, The Chotin Group and its affiliates have managed structured investment vehicles, valued at approximately $6.2 billion at issuance, on behalf of third-party clients.

The Chotin Group has significant experience in valuing, acquiring and managing companies and portfolios of distressed assets. The firm sources these opportunities through a broad range of market channels, including third-party bankruptcy, restructuring, litigation and liquidation.

The Chotin Group and its affiliates have securitized more than $4.0 billion in mortgage loans, including collateral originated and serviced by Chotin affiliates, using proprietary securities shelves.

The Chotin Group is experienced in managing real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) with specialized expertise in analyzing complex positions and ownership structures. The firm owns and manages private mortgage REITs and actively seeks and acquires REIT-qualifying assets, including non-economic residuals, owner trust certificates, taxable mortgage pools and mortgage servicing rights. The firm is particularly adept at managing the unique tax requirements for REIT assets.

The Chotin Group makes investments in real estate through direct acquisition and strategic partnerships.

The firm is a key player in the more credit-sensitive subordinate and residual real estate securities markets. The Chotin Group holds an extensive portfolio of agency and private-label real estate mortgage investment conduits (“REMIC”) and other residual interests, and continues to acquire new and existing portfolios. The firm actively manages tax reporting and optional redemptions for its own portfolios.

The Chotin Group has significant experience in analyzing, acquiring and managing portfolios of structured products, including MBS, REMICs, Owner-Trusts, Corporate Debt, CLOs, residual interests and other asset classes.