What We Do

The Chotin Group Corporation has extensive experience in managing real estate and structured investments across the credit spectrum.

Chotin Denver office

The Chotin Group Corporation headquarters lobby, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

The firm adheres to its core competencies investing in real estate, corporate debt, and structured investment vehicles. The Chotin Group uses a bottom-up analysis to identify attractive relative value opportunities. The firm’s investment team constructs diversified portfolios through rigorous credit analysis and surveillance.

The Chotin Group generally employs a “hold-to-maturity” strategy, so there is a focus on up-front credit selection, while allowing for flexibility to adapt to changes in the market. Proprietary surveillance and monitoring systems are utilized to proactively identify credit trends that may affect future performance with a long-term focus on capital preservation. The Chotin Group analyzes assets using both qualitative and quantitative methods with an emphasis on collateral-level attributes. The firm uses cash flow modeling under multiple interest rate and prepayment scenarios to identify optimal determine structural protections.